My name is Carl Stover and I am Sapphire Photography.  I live near the Fairgrounds in Saint Paul and shoot in the Twin Cities.  I give super special deals to the immigrant community because, often times, they can't afford good photographs.  For all others I'm just a very good deal.  I'm interested in the type of work shown in "Galleries" or anything to support non-profits that help the less fortunate (I do non-profits for free).  
I think the photoshoots are lots of fun.  If possible I like to do at least two subjects at a time since you are more relaxed when you are with a friend.  I probably take more time than other photographers (more shots, locations, and outfits) and I hope that shows in the faces of my subjects.  I do out of the box stuff to liven things up (take a look at my portfolio).  About a week after the shoot I'll give you digital copies (JPEGs) of all the pictures that I fixed up, and if you cry and fuss I'll give you copies of all the the ones that were taken (at least those that are in focus). 
If you are interested in a shoot, go to the "Contact" page and fill that out or just email me at
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